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2022 Presentation Day

Happy 9's with a future player

Lukas, Leo and James

2022 Presentation Day

Blackheath FC held it's annual presentation day at the Mountains Christian School on Sunday 11 December 2022.

2022 saw the club's teams fulfil their first full season since the global pandemic occurred. To celebrate that not

insignificant achievement  and the end of the season, parents, caregivers and players got together one more time 

and enjoyed a fast paced ceremony (!) followed by a sausage sizzle, cold drinks 

and food supplied by each family present.

It was very hot - for Blackheath - with 23° heat outside, so thankfully the hall at the Mountains Christian School remained shaded and cool. 

Committee member Jacinta Hangman got proceedings started with an impassioned plea for more parents to volunteer their time

 to the club next season, especially those parents with children in the early years of football. 

Next, Honorary Secretary Daniel Roberts got the show started, introducing the first presentation of the day which was

12's coach Melissa, who had to get away asap and help set up in town for the Christmas Carols that evening, 

presenting her team with their trophies and club pin badges.

Outside, as the ceremony took place, other committee members Yuen, Sarah, Jacinta and Reggie were ably assisted by Isaac Roberts

 in setting up the BBQ / Sausage Sizzle and trestle tables for the food.

All in all it was an event that went smoothly, and for those that did attend (about 90 - 100 people) it was an 

enjoyable catch up and celebration of our community football club.

All photos supplied by BFC parents. 

2022 Presentation Day


photo by Susie Easton


photo by Susie Easton


photo by Susie Easton

Blackheath 12's Grand Final Winners

First to the stage on Presentation Day was the Blackheath FC 12s team, who won the Lithgow District Grand Final for season 2022.

In a closely fought match against an excellent Workies Black side the lead changed hands a few times during the match,

before Blackheath FC prevailed and won the game 3-2.

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End of Season Barbecue

End of Season BBQ 2022

Blackheath FC was delighted with the turnout on Friday 16th September for ourEnd of Season BBQ at the Oval, 

from 5:30pm - 7pm when the floodlights unexpectedly turned off!

Friday's BBQ was a fun way to end the season and it is hoped that the goodwill experienced on Friday night will 

extend into next season and encourage parents and older players to volunteer for various roles at the club.

As for the season just gone, BFC would like to say Thank You to all  all the 

coaches, managers, administrators and volunteers 

who make the game happen each year. 

A special big thank you to the players, referees and lines-people who turn up week in, week out, in all types 

of weather conditions and keep the round ball rolling.

Check out our BBQ Photo Gallery below. 

Thanks to BFC Committee member Jacinta Hanneman for the photos.

End of Season Barbecue Photo Gallery

2022 Premiers

Blackheath 12's

Blackheath 12's Win Grand Final

Congratulations to the Blackheath FC 12s team, who won the Lithgow District Grand Final for season 2022. 


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Mid Season Barbie!

The BFC BBQ went ahead on the Friday evening of July 1st, as rain began to lightly fall after a dry start to winter. 

24 hours later it was a deluge.

The Blackheath FC barbecue was for all current players, coaches and parents to celebrate reaching the half way point in the current football season. (Photos below).

The club committee felt this was an achievement worth celebrating, given that so many things, including last years football season, were curtailed by the dreaded covid-19. 

It was cold, (about 2°) it was wet, but it was also great fun! 

We are really grateful to those who came along and enjoyed a sausage sizzle (or three, naming no names, Dave)  some music, and a chat. 

We also want to say a big thank you too, to those who were able to purchase our Blackheath FC 40th Anniversary gold plated lapel pin badges on the night to support the club.

In turn, these purchases allows us to run social events like this.

The plan is to hold another social BBQ before the final games of this season. See you there!

Our 2022 teams


Cirocco Thomas, Eleanor Hodge, Simon Marneros

Max Thomas, Isabella Kimmel

Coach Sophia

Manager Laura

7's Green

Lukas Nilsson, Atticus Lefevre, Zack Lamb

Enzo Pritchard, Leonardo Cios, Spartacus Mackell Alwi

Coach Wendy

7's Gold

Elsie Mciver, Ilka Whelan-Smith, Ivy Windsor

Mya Hodge, Emilia Wood

Flynn Kirchner, James Sutton

Coach Sarah


Archie Wolffs, Everett Maundrell, Michael Marneros

Lewin Herring, Koen Watz, Sidney Newkirk

Oden Nilsson, Lachlan Down

Lachlan Hume, Patrick Carmady

Coach Jack


Kaelan Metcalfe, Yousef Haidar, Rafael Mciver

Bernie Windsor, Jayden Hodge

Radha Kumar, John Quilter, Isaac Campbell

Charlie Tseng, Lukas Wendl, Glenn Roe

Jacob Harper-Blease

Heidi Hanemann, Kyan Paulos

Coach Marco


Bailey Down, Elijah Cios, Samuel Clarke

Oliver Cios, Beau Herring, Vincenzo Todarello

Flynn Smith, Zakay Margaritis, Harry Shaw

Killimai Tobin-Taktikos, James Cuttance, Lucienna Kus

Coach Shannon


Ayush Kumar, Riley Marneros, Robert Double

Vincent Helm, Shannon Kus, Reuben Whelan-Smith

Miles Newkirk, Oliver Easton, Thomas Hanemann

Frances Ahern, Lynden Jol, Zechariah Collins, Nathanael Vella

Coach Melissa

- BFC Events - 

2022 Muster Day & 2021 Presentation Day

Here's a few photos from Sunday March 27th, the annual Muster Day which was combined with the 2021 Presentation Day.

As you can see we squeezed, last minute, into the Blackheath Scout Hall after initial plans to hold the event outdoors 

in the Oval were scuppered by the rain.

It didn't stop our players from having a good time. Love the pride in their faces! 

Well done kids!

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