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The U6 Draw 2023

The new season will begin on Saturday 29h April for our U6 team at 10:15am against Wallerawang FC on Mini Field 6. 

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The U7 Draw 2023

With a "Bye" in Round 1, our U7 team's season does not begin until 6th May 2023, with a game against Wallerawang U7 on Mini Field 6 at 10:15am.

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The U8 Draw 2023

Our U8 team gets to kick off their season on 29th April with a comfortable kick off time of 11:30am on Mini Field 7, against Wallerawang. 

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The U9 2023 Draw

With a "Bye" in the first round of games this season, our U9 team does not go into action until Saturday 6th May on Mini Field 7 versus Wallerawang U9's.

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The U10 2023 Draw

Straight into action for our Under 10 team on Saturday 29ht April, at 11:30am on MF9 versus, you guessed it, Wallerawang.

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The U12 2023 Draw

The Under 12 team has the earliest start on April 29th, with a 9am kick off against Wallerawang on PH1. 10 teams in the U12 comp this year so it promises to be an exciting season ahead. 

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