Blackheath FC

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Positions Vacant

Blackheath FC is looking to fill the following Committee positions in 2020.

  • President

    represents the Club at official levels, arbitrates disputes, attends Lithgow District meetings once a month, chairs committee meetings, responsible for co-ordinating tasks required by Lithgow District.

  • Treasurer

    manages the club finances and bank account, maintains records of all financial dealings, attends committee meetings.

  • Coaching Co-ordinator

    ensures all teams have a coach, acts as a support for all coaches, handles reports of unfair or biased behaviour by a coach

  • Publicity Officer

    promotion of the club and it activities, and its sponsors, through the club’s social media

If you're interested in filling one of these positions, please contact us.

Support will be provided to all new committee members in the management of these roles.