Blackheath FC

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Matchday Information

Wet weather

In case of wet weather on match days, an announcement will be made about whether matches have been cancelled on Saturday morning - on radio station 2LT (101FM) at the start of the 'Sports Show' (just after the 8am news). Matches are only cancelled if the ground is closed by Lithgow City Council or conditions are deemed dangerous for players.

Players, as a rule of thumb, should arrive at the fields around 30 minutes before the match is scheduled to kick off. Boots and shin pads must be worn (no jewellery).

This ensures: 

  • Your name can be written on the match card well before kick off
  • You have enough time to receive your playing shirt
  • You have enough time to warm up with your team

Marjorie Jackson Oval

All matches are played at Marjorie Jackson Oval, Sandford Rd Lithgow - see map. 

Marjorie Jackson Oval is a smoke-free zone.

Field layout

Match card

A match card is required to be filled out by each team for every match and left in the box in the Club Room.

Match card requirements:

* All players' names must be legible, and written in black or blue ball point pen only

* Must have all players' full names.

* Only players who play in the match are to be entered on the match card.

* If a player from a younger age-group plays in your team, their 'regular' team must be entered next to their name on the match card.

* For competitive teams (12s and older), each player must have their FFA number entered on the match card.