Blackheath Football Club 

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12's/13's teams

12's/13s teams have 11 players with one being the goalkeeper. They play on a full size field and play short corners and short goal-kicks. 12's/13's also play the offside rule. 12's/13's use a size 4 ball in two 30 minute halves. (For players turning 11, 12, or 13 in 2020)


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Erin Kus
Christine Curtis, Kristian Boehringer, Jacob Gray

Coach's Message

Coming Soon

Training Time

Monday - 4.00 - 5.30pm & Wednesday - 3.45 - 4.45pm

Team List
Dylan Rezzonico
Noah Araya Cho
Fergus Fulton
 Sophia Ahern
Georgia Cooper
Jacob Mackay
Jackson Kus
Thomas Curtis
Riley Nockolds
Jeremy Porter
Logan Hill
Isaac Roberts
Blake Rasho
Archie Helm
Sean Boehringer
Oliver Gray